Why lease an office in District 5?

If you are wondering where to locate the company for convenience, reasonable rents, District 5 is a good option to consider. Renting an office in District 5, especially at VIOFFICE will help you save costs, promote the brand for the following reasons:

District 5 – Central district for buying, selling and exchanging goods for a long time

District 5 is the center of the old Cho Lon area. Before liberation, this area was the center of trading, trading and exchanging goods of Ho Chi Minh City in particular and the whole of the South in general. Until today, when other districts start to develop, District 5 still maintains its position so that merchants and large business owners choose to rent District 5 office as a place for business and transactions.

Office rental in District 5 is reasonable

If you are asking why renting an office in District 5 is an important reason. Located in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, District 5 borders the central districts and many neighboring districts. But the office rent in District 5 is much lower than District 1, District 3. District 5 will be the optimal choice for those who want to locate the company near the city center with a reasonable rent. While the rent in District 1 ranges from 20 to over 40 $ / m2, in District 5 only from 8 $ / m2. Especially, at VIOFFICE, modern office prices, prime location from $ 9, free management fee and many other utilities.

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