4 ways to overcome fear and reach success

You must make your decision when the opportunity to change your whole life comes. But that decision is certainly not easy, you have to face challenges, step out of the comfort zone and start everything again. So one part you want to change but the other half wants to stay the same.

In that case, what should you do? Ceren Cubukcu – top 5 bestselling author with the book: Make the American dream come true: How to find a job as a student from the US school has given 4 things to help you overcome fear and reach out following success.

1. Stay away from negative people

Don’t let your family, friends, co-workers, or anyone else interfere with your confidence by saying you’re not good enough to do it. If they don’t give you constructive comments, don’t share your ideas or plans with them.

If you tell yourself that you can’t do it in your mind, you’re just looking for an excuse to hide. Stop it! Don’t forget that getting started is already half of completion. If you don’t start right away, you will regret it later. If you fail, you can look back and say that you have tried at least.

2. Don’t pay attention to jealous people

In fact, the problem is with them, not you. People who want to hold you back because they’re worried you’re successful, are better than them. You will step out of suffering and do different things. They are afraid of that. Therefore, do not let anyone drag you down. I’m sure they also had the chance, but they didn’t dare take it. They are not brave enough like you and dare to encourage themselves to change their lives.

3. Do not be afraid

Ok, things can’t be perfect right from the start. It is the same as the sine graph, up and down. However, you can’t stop fear from holding you back when things don’t go your way. Living like this will cost you many valuable opportunities.

4. Waiting for a perfect opportunity

There is no definition of “perfect time”. The present is the perfect time. In addition, your enthusiasm will diminish over time and the beginnings will become more late. Therefore, you will never be 100% ready. Just start and you will improve over time.

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